Monday, 13 November 2017

'Cells' in Aquarelle Watercolours

Very inspired, very original take on the subject! Sylvie D. used a straw to create this powerful representation of communicating cells

During last week's watercolour session, we used pictures of microscopic cells as inspiration. We had a still life of sponges and bubblewrap to mimick a similar feel...

Jane started a big project - with colourful fantasy cells. Each one is different and interesting in its own way...

Michelle took an example of a very interesting super magnified plant leaf. It needs a couple of details and some shadow but I can already see the 'depth'

Fantasy plant cells by Celina. The dark dots are masking fluid (absolutely needed in this case to make sure the colours don't borrow too much from each other) It will be stunning later, so meticulously painted and full of colour!

After finishing her glass study, Anna Karin gave the still life a go - and managed to catch the character of the material

Same for Liz, who used the bubblewrap example in her left-over time to create this 'sea monster'. With great potential for endless depth!

And then there were a couple of projects to be finished, like the colourful Norwegian Kunstglas still life of last week!

Anna Karin's study - so worth it! I love the light and the reflections.
Liz created a neutral -yet very Lizzy-  background and now it is a seriously magical painting- well done!

Sylvie D. finished her broken glass - great painting with a deeper meaning.

Playful &funny -the finished Halloween-Norwegian Kunstglas-Animal painting of Elia. (I am happy that this was not the actual still life and that the spider is fantasy!)

Sylvie M is working on a series of boats, with colourful sails. There is still some work to do on this one - but it is so pozwerful, both in composition and in colour! Great stuff!

The last piece by Patience before she left for the winter: a pine tree forest, loosely based on an age-old chinese painting. It is created in ink and has a stunning light!. 

Also the whale jumping out of the water was finished just in time, it has a very good wet shine and is so powerful. Good and interesting, as we like it!

PS: Cathie has been working hard on  a painting of a homemade stuffed animal - a present for the daughter of a friend. It is going to be such a wonderful memory - but I don't want to spoil the surprise, so will post it only after it has been given... Watch this space!!

Monday, 6 November 2017

Painting glass in Aquarelle

 Celina really knows how to paint her glasses!
For the second Tuesday in a row we dedicated the Aquarellista session to the fabulous Norwegian Kunstglas from Celina's collection. She brought different glasses, so it felt new - and everybody was enthusiastic again about the possibilities!

Liz's interpretation of the Kunstglas. The dark grey is masking fluid - it will be the reflection of the light (the white of the paper) when removed. It is going to be spectacular...

New Aquaellista Jane blended in as if she had always been there! Welcome to Jane & her watercolours!

O-it was Halloween... Great idea of Elia, to combine the orange glass with a pumpkin - and a scary spider that will be finished next time... (shiverrr)

Cathie worked on a version too abut my photo was too unsharp. I'll show you next time.

Next to the glass, other excellent watercolours were produced too:

This awesome still life by Carol for instance...

And the big green whale, jumping out of the water - you guessed right, Patience painted it!

Same Patience also added explosive fire to her just-emergency landed plane

An amazing portrait already, unfinished yet fitting perfectly in the 'essence of' series. 

Our other new Aquarellista is Julie. She is a starter, but look at her abstract work of last Tuesday... the colours are absolutely brilliant!

Cathies paint tubes continued... They are getting shape now and the dark background works very well. They are SO Good!!

Monday, 30 October 2017

Norwegian Kunst Glas

 One of the setups, on a mirror for extra reflection (and difficulty) there was much more!

Celina suggested to bring some of her Kunstglas as still life to the Zen Watercolour session of last week. Kunstglas is Norwegian and it translates into Art glass - and that is what it is, handmade, colourful, slightly irregular, highly original and all unique pieces of glassware! It was a great succes, everyone painted the still life - and we will do it again next week...

Michele C. is back in the Med! And she has not forgotten how to work with watercolours... What a fantastic, balanced little painting.

The one-big-brush version by Anna Karin - she will finish it as soon as she gets back (in max 2 weeks) and that's great because this painting has the potential to become really really special!

Celina knows her Kunstglas better than anyone. It is visible in this watercolour, true to her signature colourful firm style. A very well-balanced composition.

Fantastic, quiet and simple version by Sandra. She makes the mirror visible without painting it, the reflection speaks for itself! 

Michele had 10 minutes left after her cute little still life and used it to quickly paint a single longstemmed Kunstglas glass

Sylvie D. painted another take on glass, broken. I love it, it has lots of drama, with its sharp edges and the wet background...

And of course there were several projects to be finished - and new projects started... 
Right before she left us for a couple of months, Brenda finished her nesting dolls - and how! I am loving the depth, the shadows and the colours. See you in 2018 Bren!

 Patience finished her dutch landscape with tulips. Everyone agreed that it is a very good painting, and that the best-of-the-best part is the dutch cloudy sky!

Sandra's mask is finished! I absolutely totally and completely love it! The writing, the poetry, the background and the eyes, that have become a bit sad. Makes me think of our local history (and movie) of the 'man with the Iron mask'.

 Cathie works steadily and slowly on her paint tubes painting... it is getting shape... watch this space to see it grow 😊

 And last but by no means least, Patience's portrait of a Rhynchophorus ferrugineus - the beetle that destroys our local palm trees.

Monday, 23 October 2017

Pits and Seeds - a great subject for watercolours!

 Chinese Lantern, an awesome painting by Elia!

Nature is always such a great subject...There are countless possibilities to inspire, and an Aquarellista can see it 'abstract' and 'figurative'. Today we had pits and seeds, both in a still life and with pictures...

This painting by Carole is so subtle, well-observed and creative! Somehow it is also very much about reproduction - as seeds should...

Sylvie D. bravely painted this enlarged pollen on the very rough paper and created a very interesting painting, doing the paper justice!

'Not a strawberry' by Brenda - you will see next time what it actually is...😃

There were more paintings, after the still life, but I did not take pictures. So, next week probably...  Luckily I did photograph some of the other projects:

The cute nesting dolls by Celina - now finished. They have so much expression. I see two sisters, a bit afraid of the outside world, but coping because they have each other. What do you see?

Cathie's bells - now finished, they are SO GOOD!

And a potential new series 'old paint tubes' Cathie is still in doubt, I am not - I think it is a worthy follow-up on the 'old brushes' series she was so successful with. TBD!

Anna-Karin used the very rough torchon paper to experiment a bit further. She found out that it doesn't hold one type of masking tape too well... (the grey border). I'm pretty sure she will use this for something interesting. You wait and see...

Patience worked on our regular Arches Torchon for the powerful painting of a Dutch landscape (Keukenhof-like, with tulips and a windmill).
She also finished her nesting dolls:

Monday, 16 October 2017

Babuschkas, Matriosjkas, Nesting Dolls? - o well, great watercolours!

 Celina's two nesting dolls - so lovely and as always, original, colourful and well executed

We proceeded with the nesting dolls - and I love what everyone did with them! They are so cute and attractive. I had a new set with me that had at least 9 babies, the smallest one only 1 centimeter - but still completely painted, with eyes. Amazing. But it only served as an example, because the patterns you see here are imagination!

Liz's impression. Well done (can't wait to see it when the masking comes off) and per-fect depth in the fallen half!

Patience finished last week's setup by adding a darker background to bring the heads out.

Brenda chose  graphic patterns - with the exception of the tiny baby in the foreground...

the previous session, Anna Karin created the version above. We all loved it, but she was not happy with the composition and created a second version (below) equally well done. I still prefer the first one, how about you??

As always, there were also other projects going on:
Sylvie D. started an exciting painting of a backlighted ballet dancer! Next time she will fill in the details, can't wait!!

Sylvie M. has a commission, she has to create a colourful painting, for someone who loves sailing... Mission  Accomplished! Looking great already...

Patience was sitting across Sylvie M. and while waiting  for her watercolour to dry, she fast-sketched this portrait. 'Sylvie in leopard skin'. The leopard is very subtle! But the portrait is actually very good!

 Our new star: Audrey! She has no real experience with watercolour painting yet created this dreamy landscape with a big magic tree...

 This is a try-out by Anna Karin, she used a pieco of my 'Amsterdam Torchon' and randomly put Ultramarine, Ochre and Orange. The Ulramarine has granulated, and with the texture of the paper gives such a fabulous effect! As if she used salt, only she didn't... an effect to remember

 And on the other side of the spectrum: a delicate bunch of roses, in a chrystal vase, by Brenda!